Posted by: bruceellingsen | September 23, 2008

Musings on Copywriting, Internet Marketing, and Web Design

How do all three of these work together to drive traffic and produce sales and leads for you?

For most people they do not work together, but fight each other and work at cross purposes.

So how do you get them to work in harmony and synergy and explode with focused, action inducing power?

By going back to the basics and starting from the starting point and building a strong marketing foundation for your message.

What are you selling?

Who is your market?

What are their points of pain and most pressing needs?

How does your product or service meet these needs?

How does it meet them better than the competition?

How can you make an emotional connection with your audience?

Can you share a personal story that makes that connection?

How you have helped others just like them.

Testimonials from people that you helped in their own words extolling you and your products and services.

Then specifics in FAB format:  Features, Advantages, and Benefits in Bullet Point Format with more testimonials seeded in.  If I say it, I am bragging and tooting my own horn and possibly exaggerating.  If they say it, it is true.

Then wrap it all up in a recap, throw in some bonuses or added benefits and ask for the sale, with a reason to buy NOW!

So with targeted copy you do keyword research on Google and make sure people are interested in the benefits you are offering and rewrite your copy accordingly.

Then throw it into a simple website template shell that does not compete with the message.  Add some simple graphics, pictures, videos, and sidebar info.  Maybe some informative articles as free info, a squeeze page offering a free downloadable report and free subscription to valuable newletter with tips and tricks in it.

Then hit the adwords with the keywords that match what you are offering and you are good to go.  Trade links with relevant sites in your industry, get listed in the directories, mentioned in the blogs, have articles posted on the article indexes, press releases on the pr sites, videos on youtube, and audio on your site so they can hear your voice and see you on youtube so they can look into your eyes and get the measure of your soul.

So to wrap it up, find a starving market that craves what you are offering, speak to them in an emotionally connecting manner, and use magnetic marketing with adwords and social media to get them to contact you because you know their soul and what they really want and give it to them in a totally unique and simple direct to the point way.  They have found an emotional home in you and your offering.

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